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Will Archbishop Myers be arrested?

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Will Archbishop Myers be next?

Prosecutor’s investigation shouldn’t stop at Fugee says the Star-Ledger Editorial Board

The Star-Ledger Editorial Board is asking whether Archbishop Myers is next.  So are we?  We’re leaving the district attorney to express his opinion on the criminal implications and we’re encouraged by the strong political support in New Jersey calling both for the Archbishop to step down and for the removal of the statutes of limitations on child sex abuse that encourage and support this continued behavior by the Roman Catholic Church and other institutions.

5,826 of us are now calling for Pope Francis to put the protection of children before the protection of the church or its priests and tell Newarkto step down for putting children at risk.  We are declaring our support for the 6 questions being asked by Catholic Whistleblowers and asking Pope Francis for his support of their recommendations:

Read the Star-Ledger story here


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