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Who’s protecting who?

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Who’s Protecting Who?

By Melanie Blow



The New York Daily News is doing a great job at identifying which NY elected officials want to protect children, and which want to protect their rapists. Let us make no mistake- supporting a Statute of Limitations on child sexual abuse supports child rape.


“‘I believe there’s a purpose for a statute of limitations’ DiFrancisco said. ‘The further back a case is, the more difficult it is for anybody to defend themselves. Witnesses are gone. That’s why a statute of limitations is there.”


This makes sense for property crime. If your house is burglarized, it is wise to report it immediately. But it takes survivors of child sexual abuse an average of 21 years before they can talk about their victimization. And statistically, most children who do disclose abuse as children tell an adult who either doesn’t believe them or doesn’t protect them. But in every state, there is no statute of limitations on murder. Very few people believe that murderers should be able to circle a day on their calendar and, when that day passes, open a bottle of champagne, take a deep breath and say “I got away with it!”. Polls show most New Yorkers don’t feel children’s rapists deserve that privilege, either.


“‘I implore you to amend your bill on this subject to include all childhood victims: Your bill does not address those who have been abused in the public schools’ Donohue wrote”.


This is more sleight of hand by the Catholic church. While NY’s Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse has been upheld many times in court, the 90-day municipal law statute is waived regularly. Indeed, independent lawyers who have looked at the Child Victims Act have stated it would indeed offer the same benefits to children abused in the public sector as it would to children abused in the private sector.


New York’s Senate is in a dilemma right now- they can protect special interests, or they can protect children from sexual abuse.

They’ve spent a decade turning their back on children. Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing now.

Protect Kids, Not Their Rapists

Tell NY's Legislators to Pass the Child Victims Act

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