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Who is supporting kids?

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Who is Supporting Kids?

By Melanie Blow



All regular readers of our blogs, or of the New York Daily News, are aware that Statute of Limitations reform is a BIG deal right now in New York right now.


There are a few bills right now that would eliminate the civil and criminal Statute of Limitations for new child sexual abuse cases and provide survivors who have already been abused one year in which to sue their abuser. These are bills that will help children. And supporting them requires a lot of courage.


Below is a list brave politicians who believe in protecting children, not their rapists, and not secrets. If you live in NY and your elected officials are on that list, call or email them and thank them. If they aren’t on this list, call them or email them and tell them to support these bills. If you don’t know how to contact your elected officials, check here.


  • Omnibus Child Victims Act (S. 7296/A. 9877)
    • Lifts the civil and criminal SOL for child sexual abuse; lifts the 90-day time limit to file a Notice of Intent to sue public institutions for cases related to child sexual abuse; and creates a 1 year look-back period
    • Senate (S. 7296): Senator Hoylman and Leader Stewart-Cousins are the sponsors. Co-sponsors are Sens Carlucci, Comrie, Dilan, Espaillat, Gianaris, Hassell-Thompson, Kaminsky, Kennedy, Klein, Krueger, Montgomery, Panepinto, Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Rivera, Sanders, Savino, Serrano, Squadron, and Stavisky
    • Assembly (A. 9877): Sponsored by AM Markey, co-sponsored by AM Rosenthal.
  • CVA for Civil Cases Only (S. 0063-A/A. 2872-A)
    • Lifts the civil SOL for child sexual abuse; creates a 1 yr lookback period.
    • Senate (S. 0063-A): Sponsored by Senator Hoylman. Co-sponsored by Sens Comrie, Dilan, Espaillat, Hassell-Thompson, Kennedy, Krueger, Panepinto, Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Persaud, Rivera, Serrano, Stavisky
    • Assembly (A.2872-A): Sponsored by AM Markey. Co-sponsored by AMs Sepulveda, Englebright, Gunther, Brindisi, Otis, Jaffee, Robinson, Stirpe, Aubry, Simotas, Galef, Hooper, Mosley, Russell, Rosenthal, Lifton, Barrett, Nojay, Paulin, Perry, Skoufis, Cook, Dinowitz, Saladino, Graf, Lalor, Pichardo, Brabenec, Arroyo, Palumbo, Walker, Linares, Curran, Murray, Weprin, Johns, Bichotte, Lavine, O’Donnell, Simon, Blake, Garbarino, Cahill, Lawrence, Seawright, Barron, and Buchwald
  • CVA for Criminal Cases Only (S. 6436/A. 8567)
    • Lifts criminal SOL for child sexual abuse.
    • Senate (S. 6436): Sponsored by Sen Hoylman. Co-sponsored by Comrie, Kennedy, Krueger, Panepinto, Persaud, Rivera, Serrano
    • Assembly (A. 8567):  Sponsored by AM Markey. Co-sponsored by Cook, O’Donnell, Skoufis, Blake, Simotas, Galef, Graf, Murray, Garbarino, Cahill, Weprin, Palumbo, Rosenthal, Sepulveda, and Seawright


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