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When Domestic Violence Escalates

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When Domestic Violence Escalates
Rebecka Vigus

April 10, 2013 – Detroit, Michigan often referred to as ‘Murder City’ is rocked by the deaths of three women.

  1. Lucinda Bailey’s husband apparently stabbed her to death before taking his own life. He was found in his burning truck.

  2. Lorian Joy Handy was shot multiple times in her home before her husband shot himself. 

  3. Sharita Williams was believed to have been shot at work before her ex-boyfriend set the office building on fire. 

Three families are asking left asking why.

According to the Michigan State Police there were 95,000 reported cases of domestic violence in 2011. Most cases of domestic violence go unreported.  There are signs to watch for in an abusive relationship. The man is charming and thoughtful at the beginning of the relationship. All the while he is undermining the woman he is with. He wants her to believe she cannot function without him. He makes her feel worthless, nothing she does can please him. By now she loves him and wishes to garner his favor. He dehumanizes her. If he can, he cuts her off from her friends and family. He might not want their mutual friends to know about them. He is subtle but begins to control everything in her life. If he has a decent job, he expects her to quit hers and stay home. He does everything in his power to make her dependent on him.

Once the hitting starts she makes excuses and he showers her with gifts. All the while telling her it will never happen again and that she made him do it.

Sharita Williams had taken out a personal protection order on her ex-boyfriend, who worked maintenance in her office building for harassment after she broke off their relationship.

Lucinda Bailey and her husband, Antonio never had a domestic violence call. Police had been there on routine calls about the security system, but no complaints of abuse. Although the family said the relationship was rough.

Police said there was no history of violence or trouble in the home of Lorian Joy Handy and her husband, Jason. Yet, he shot her then himself. Lorain’s 8-year-old son was in the home at the time and ran to neighbor’s house for help.

These stories happen time and time again across the United States. Personal protection orders are not a guarantee the woman will be safe. In some cases, they are the ultimate cause of murder/suicides or just murder. These abusive men feel they are losing control of the situation. They need to be in control of everything in their lives. They do not like losing control over the women that they had been abusing. The violence and abuse begins to escalate.

There needs to be a way for women and children to be safe, and there is: The Quincy Solution.  The Quincy Solution suggests best practices that will dramatically reduce domestic violence and child abuse.  With the Quincy Solution every act of Domestic Violence is a crime.  By enforcing the Quincy Solution acts murder from Domestic Violence would diminish, and woman like Lucinda Bailey,  Lorian Joy Handy and Sharita Williams would still be alive.

Own your own copy of The Quincy Solution by clicking on it below. For all you do to stop abuse, thank you!

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