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Victory For Kids

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Should Schools Stop Hitting Students

Just To Protect Their Own Behinds?

Thanks to grassroots efforts from local parents, and groups like Floridians Against Corporal Punishment In Public School, the Santa Rosa School District in Florida has finally agreed to phase out the use of corporal punishment from their school’s Student Code Of Conduct. This is great news for the future of that community, so why are so many upset by these changes?

The reason may surprise you. According to a recent Perez Hilton article:

“When you think of why a school would ban corporal punishment on their students, you would think their reason why would be pretty obvious (it’s cruel, it’s outdated, it’s unnecessary, etc. etc.), but you know, Florida.

Believe it or not, the Santa Rosa school district in northern Florida has been allowing their students to be physically punished by school authorities this whole time, even though it’s 2014 and this is America!”

Many people in today’s world are shocked to find that their local schools may still be paddling children. So why has this school district  taken so long to update their policies?

“the complaints and liability issues have gotten so out of hand that super cool guy District Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick has explained:

“I can no longer protect my employees. Even if they’re following protocol and involving the parents. Our employees are awesome individuals who work so hard. They don’t deserve to be treated like that.””

Well, what about protecting children? Children are awesome and work hard too, how do they deserve to be treated? Do you think schools should stop hitting children? Share your reasons why or why not!

Read the full story and take the poll!

Sign our petition to stop paddling in public schools!

Interested in learning more about corporal punishment? Visit us on Causes.

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