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Victor Vieth awarded 2012 Pro Humanitate Award for Child Advocacy

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The Stop Abuse Campaign would like to congratulate board member, Victor Vieth on being awarded the 2012 Pro Humanitate Award for Child Advocacy, North America’s premiere award for child advocacy.  Victor remains a constant and leading voice in child advocacy and is committed to Stop Abuse Campaign’s mission of stopping abuse  and alleviating the suffering of those involved.

Winona man receives international award for child advocacy – Posted: Jul 05, 2012 4:28 PM EDT






WINONA, Minnesota (WXOW) — Victor Vieth has been awarded the 2012 Pro Humanitate Award for Child Advocacy, North America’s premiere award for child advocacy.

In bestowing this honor, the North American Resource Center for Child Welfare said that Vieth exemplifies “intellectual integrity and moral courage” and has “demonstrated a commitment to empirically sound policy and practice, and the courage to challenge political and conventional barriers to improving child welfare services.”

Vieth founded and directs the National Child Protection Training Center at Winona State University—the largest provider of training and technical assistance to child protection professionals in the United States. He has been instrumental in establishing child abuse forensic interview training programs in 20 states and also in the nations of Colombia and Japan. He has advocated for reforming the undergraduate and graduate training of future child protection professionals and has helped implement these reforms in dozens of colleges, universities, law schools and medical schools in 15 different states.

Vieth has trained child protection professionals from all 50 states and numerous countries. He is a prolific author whose writings have been cited by a number of appellate courts. He also authored “Unto the Third Generation,” a peer reviewed article that sets forth a framework for significantly reducing, if not ending, child abuse within three generations.

Vieth was formally presented with the award at the annual conference of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children in Chicago.

The Stop Abuse Campaign has a plan to stop abuse, all abuse in 25years. The Stop Abuse Campaign working with today’s leading experts  and organizations, as well as legislatures on the state and federal level to create a national plan to stop ALL of abuse. We are focused on Education, Intervention and Victim’s Rights.  The Stop Abuse Campaign relies on you, our grassroots community, to fully support our efforts by taking the pledge and becoming members. Because without your support, nothing will change. The support of individuals and groups who entrust their belief in our purpose and the promise it holds. To these indispensable members of our extended family, we ask that they express that belief in a tangible commitment. All we ask is $1.00 a month, $12.00 a year to show you believe the first right of every victim of abuse is to not be abused and that by all of us working together we can stop abuse here in America in 25 years.

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