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Toddler, teen charged in slaying lived in trailer with 7 others

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Investigators were dealing with a confusing domestic situation as they tried to determine what exactly happened to 2-year-old Ethan Bigham on March 10, and who inflicted the injuries that led to the toddler’s death four days later.

Ethan was one of nine people staying in the small mobile home at 2039 Hemstreet Road in Marilla, authorities said.

Ethan’s mother lived there with her four children and four other adults. Seventeen-year-old Devon M. VanDerWege was a recent arrival, residing there for less than a month, according to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.

Now, the trailer is empty and VanDerWege has been charged with second-degree murder, accused of inflicting the blunt force trauma that left Ethan brain-dead. The boy died on Tuesday, after he was removed from life support at Women & Children’s Hospital.


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