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The Stop Abuse Campaign, Advocates urge Governor to Protect Kids

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The Stop Abuse Campaign, Advocates urge Governor to Protect Kids


Read More in the Legislative Gazette Here

On Thursday the Stop Abuse Campaign and founder of Fight for Kids, Gary Greenberg, presented Governor Cuomo’s office with a petition with over 27,600 signatures supporting Statute of Limitations reform and letters from advocates expressing their displeasure with the fact that this important legislation didn’t pass this year.

The Child Victims Act is the “most important bill to protect children from sexual abuse,” said Blow, the chief operations officer of the Stop Abuse Campaign, an organization that tries to reduce adverse childhood experiences through public policy. “We need to take predators off the streets.”

The failure by the Legislature to pass the bill led the group to criticize lawmakers’ priorities. The advocates condemned the fact that, while the Child Victims Act bill dies in committee, a bill that would allow restaurants to sell alcohol before noon on Sundays was made an end-of-session priority.

“This whole place is dysfunctional,” said Gary Greenberg, an abuse victim who was in Albany Thursday to help deliver the petitions to the Governor’s Office. “Alcohol on Sundays is more important than helping child abuse victims. It’s unbelievable those priorities are more important than protecting kids and providing hope to people who have been through hell.”

“The failure to pass this reform ensures child molesters and rapists are still protected from the consequences of their crime, that they are free to abuse thousands of more children,” said Andrew Willis, CEO of the Stop Abuse Campaign, who notes that abuse victims are more likely to become alcohol or drug dependent as a result of their experiences.


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