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Teacher Danger

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Teachers may be prosecuted for paddling students

In the wake of the arrest of Tri County Academy Headmaster, Mark Johnson, Mississippi News Now  took a closer look into what Mississippi law says about corporal punishment and what’s allowed in a classroom.

The corporal punishment debate came to light in the metro after the case of Tiffany Cox’s son, who was paddled by Johnson for alleged misconduct at Tri County Academy. The Flora Police Department charged Johnson with simple assault for the incident.

At the academy, which is a private school, corporal punishment is allowed, but Madison County’s District Attorney Michael Guest says this incident is different.

“The bodily injury that was inflicted in the bruising and Lacerations and swellings and things of that nature would arise to the point where criminal charges should be filed,” said Guest.

Paddling is still allowed in 19 states and is disproportionately used to control minority students and students with disabilities. Is this how we should be raising children? Raising them to fear.

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