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Teach children to be aware of dangers from people they love

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MT. PLEASANT — It seems easy to prepare our children and other young people to be aware of strangers and other dangers outside, but teaching them to be aware of dangers from people they love, like their own family and friends, seems much more difficult.

The perpetuation of sex offender stereotypes of persistently deviant strangers in vans and parks violently attacking children in the dark keeps us preparing our families and children to fight the rarest part of the danger, while ignoring the more likely danger.

The reality is that most people are not sexually abused by people that they do not know. It is far more likely that someone is abused by their father, brother, uncle, or family friend than a creepy stranger in a park.

It is simpler to tell a child, “Don’t trust strangers” than it is to say, “You are supposed to be able to trust the men in your life, but if they behave badly, here’s what you do.”

Although “Stranger Danger” talks are encouraged, further discussion on how to protect ourselves and the ones we love are needed also.


1 in 5 New York Kids Are Sexually Abused. Help Prevent That

The CDC reports that 1 in 5 children are sexually abused.

9 out of 10 of the perpetrators are never brought to justice and never appear on sex offender registries.

They are protected by New York State laws.

Sign this petition and change that. Protect NY Kids.

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