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Stop Bullying-Top Concern in Voter Poll

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Bullies aren’t born, they’re created. It’s easy to demonize someone with the “bully” label, and react to instance after instance with our anger and emotions and seek out only punishment and or retribution. However, to stop bullies from becoming bullies, we need to understand why someone does so in the first place. Here at the Stop Abuse Campaign, we believe, bullies do so for a reason. In fact, research that delved deeper into the bullies world, found not surprisingly. that those who bully are more often than not, victims of some form of abuse at home. They act out what they know.  WE MUST BEGIN BREAKING APART THE CYCLE OF ABUSE. We must deal with the bully as the abused person they often are. Let’s start from a place of love and understanding that allows us to step back and see the whole cycle of abuse and how abuse/bullying ends when children are raised in abuse free homes and safe environments.  Adults and especially our educators, need to be better trained and equipped to recognize and stop bullying when it does happen.

The Stop Abuse Campaign relies on you, our grassroots community, to fully support our efforts by taking the pledge and becoming members. Because without your support, nothing will change. The support of individuals and groups who entrust their belief in our purpose and the promise it holds. To these indispensable members of our extended family, we ask that they express that belief in a tangible commitment. All we ask is $1.00 a month, $12.00 a year to show you believe the first right of every victim of abuse is to not be abused and that by all of us working together we can stop abuse here in America in 25 years.

Voters Want Presidential Candidates to Tackle Childhood

Obesity and Bullying

President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney have to weigh in on several key health concerns in order to make people happy. In a new survey of child health, bullying and obesity were top priorities.

By Charles Poladian | June 18, 2012

President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney have to weigh in on several key health concerns in order to make people happy. In a new survey of child health, bullying and obesity were top priorities.

As the election gets closer and the President and his opponents begin debates, a number of issues will be discussed ranging from the economy to healthcare. Based on a new poll, bullying and childhood obesity should also be on the agenda.

The survey was conducted by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. Over 2,100 adults participated in the poll, choosing one out of 24 child health concerns that should be addressed as the election draws near. While childhood obesity was the top priority among adults, bullying, drug abuse, child abuse and neglect were other top concerns.

Nearly 17 percent of those polled chose childhood obesity as the top concern that should be addressed by the presidential candidates during the election. Bullying was the top concern for 15 percent of the adults polled. Drug abuse was the top priority for 11 percent of adults while 8 percent of adults chose child abuse and neglect.

These concerns crossed political lines, whether an adult was registered either as a Democrat, Republican or Independent, and race/ethnicity was also not a factor for those who were polled. The researchers believe these concerns to be especially important considering the hot topic of healthcare.

Presidential candidates will surely weigh in on the potential healthcare reforms that stem from President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Mr. Romney, the potential Republican candidate, has already stated that he would repeal the Act if elected. The United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on the potential constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, possibly overturning the law entirely or just parts of it.

The researchers hope the poll helps shift the focus to much larger health concerns. According to Mathew M. Davis, MD, director of the National Poll on Children’s Health, a lot of health problems plaguing adults have their roots in childhood. Tackling issues like childhood obesity could improve cardiovascular risk and diabetes while addressing bullying could help reduce depression.


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