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Simotas Hosts ‘Stop Abuse Campaign’

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Assembly member Aravella Simotas hosted a day of advocacy for the Stop Abuse Campaign in Albany. The campaign is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to stopping all forms of abuse and alleviating the suffering of the abused.
“The cycle of abuse affects each of us—the victims, the families, the neighbors and the taxpayers,” Simotas said. “The Stop Abuse Campaign has educated my colleagues and me and I look forward to working with them to educate the public about the psychological, social, health and financial costs of abuse.”
The Stop Abuse Campaign CEO Andrew Willis, (, met with many legislators to educate them about the organization’s mission and methods, advocate for Simotas’ Rape is Rape bill and to address statutes of limitations in sexual abuse cases.
“This bill is an important step in stopping victims from being victimized repeatedly,” said Willis. “The Stop Abuse Campaigns focus on three key issues and Victims’ Rights is a pillar of our organization. We also are dedicated to education and intervention, both are critical to ending all forms of abuse.”
“The Stop Abuse Campaign was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Rape is Rape and I look forward to working with them on this and other initiatives,” Simotas explained at the June 19 rally.
Simotas recently introduced legislation to redefine rape to include oral and anal sexual conduct, in addition to sexual intercourse. “The importance of calling rape by its name cannot be understated. By denying this fact, by calling rape something different-predatory sexual act or criminal sexual act—society fails to validate the victim’s experience and trauma,” Simotas said.



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