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Shocking Neglect Alleged in Foster Program

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PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) — In a lawsuit against Oregon, a little girl’s guardian claims the Department of Human Services certified a man as a foster father and placed her with him even though he told DHS that he was “a sex addict” with “obsessions and compulsions with pornography and strip clubs.”
Guardian ad litem Tim Nay sued Oregon, its Department of Human Services, and former foster father Gabriel David Wallis, demanding $6.1 million for sexual battery and abuse of a vulnerable person, K.U., who will be 7 this week.
Wallis, a 35-year-old Gresham resident, was certified by the department to be a foster parent after checking out his home, according to the Sept. 22 lawsuit in Multnomah County Court.
While he did so, the complaint states: “Wallis disclosed to DHS that he self-identified as a sex addict, he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and had obsessions and compulsions with pornography and strip clubs. DHS nevertheless certified Wallis as a foster care provider for children in DHS custody, including K.U.”


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