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Sheriff stands by decision not to press charges in child sex abuse case

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When Lea Boyle got a letter from the Union County Department of Social Services in September 2014, she thought it meant her five-year-old son would get justice.

The letter substantiated Boyle’s claims that her son’s father had sexually assaulted her son.

“During this investigation, sufficient evidence of Abuse/Neglect was found as defined by statute. The alleged perpetrator will be criminally charged and his name will appear on the responsible individuals list for those found to be responsible for sexual offenses,” the letter said.

But that’s the last time Boyle had hope that her son’s father would face consequences for the behavior she and her son had reported. The man never faced criminal charges and, now, he’s fighting to re-gain custody of his son.

Boyle said she agreed to speak to WBTV after years of attempts to attract attention to her case.

What’s most baffling, Boyle said, is the fact that the Union County Sheriff’s Office refused to charge her son’s father, even though he is already a registered sex offender; having been previously convicted of sexually assaulting a family member in a previous marriage.


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