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School District hid video showing second victim of sexual abuse by teacher’s aide

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The parents of a special needs child are suing the Anchorage School District (ASD) after they say a teacher’s aide sexually abused their son in 2014, and it took the district more than a month to investigate.

Julianti Clarke, 62, was charged with harassment in May 2015 after video surveillance at Begich Middle School showed she was abusing the child in the lunchroom. Those charges were later dropped, but court documents in the case describe a disturbing scene, which involves Clarke stroking the child’s genitals over his clothes. The documents also say Clarke picked up items from the table and stuck them down the back of his shirt.

The victim’s attorney, Mike Kramer, said watching the video was difficult enough for the family, but it wasn’t until he saw unedited footage from the Anchorage Police Department that he realized the case got even worse. Kramer says video provided by the Anchorage School District intentionally left out a portion of footage that showed Clarke had another victim.

“At least one other child was receiving similar mistreatment,” he said. “We obviously don’t know the identity of that child or whether his parents were contacted, or whether police were even notified about that, but it’s disturbing that we were given a edited video tape that removed that particularly disturbing section.”


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