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25,000 Signatures Needed Now!

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If we can get 25,000 of us to Sign our petition today.  this forces Congress to officially reply and respond to our petition.

Tell President Obama, members of Congress, Mental Health Professionals and Patient Advocates that we want “No More’ violence. “No More” senseless deaths. The 20 first grade students who had their lives taken away from them, were the future of this country. They still can be, if we all sign this petition today. They still can be, if we make our voices, and theirs, heard in Washington. Let’s show them how much we still love them.


Do we, for once and for all, have to get assault weapons off our streets? Yes. But that’s not the entire problem. Nothing will work until we begin to acknowledge and address our mental health care crisis. Because it’s when guns find their way into the ‘wrong’ hands, that the unimaginable happens.

According to Human Rights Watch, at this very moment there are 1.25 million prison and jail inmates who suffer from mental health issues. An illness these institutions are ill equipped to deal with.

And what about all those who aren’t incarcerated? All those living in our communities? Just like Adam Lanza. Or in our cities and states. And all across our nation. What about all the Adam Lanzas.

First up, we have to address the stigma associated with mental illness. So sufferers and their families will not ignore symptoms, for fear of being ostracized. So sufferers and their families will not forgo medical attention and counseling and medication, because they’re embarrassed, or ashamed.

We also have to address the elephant in the room. Who’s going to pay for it? How? And then we have to tackle the NRA.


Yes. The problem facing us is huge. Complex. And a political hot potato. But for how much longer can we watch innocent people murdered? For how much longer can we fear for our lives everytime we go to a mall, or to a movie, or to school. There’s only one answer.


Thank you for all you do to stop abuse.


Kenny and Andrew


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