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Safe At Home?

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Happy Home

What is it like to be safe at home?

By a guest blogger

Here’s a description by a wise twelve-year-old:

To me, home is that place where the
outside world can’t go. It’s a place that’s
safe, and happy, even when you’re sick.
It’s where the light is always on, and
where the music is playing!

That’s where I want to live. Safe and happy.
Protected from the outside world.

wolfMeanwhile, this is not what all children experience. Many live in homes inhabited by wolves wearing sheep’s clothing.

These are parents who are upstanding, law-abiding citizens by day, secret predators by night. They creep into their children’s rooms and molest them under cover of darkness.

These wolves are often fathers and step fathers, who differ from priestly fathers only in that they have more access to their young victims.

What can be done about these unsafe homes?

We urge our children to tell if someone is hurting them, assuming the outside world is the dangerous place. But most of these crimes are inside jobs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.42.51 PM

What happens when a child tells the secret daddy said not to tell? We expect the cavalry to come rushing to the rescue. Right?


imagesLike any whistleblower, the child is suddenly the focus of attention. Interviews, investigations, police, social workers, therapy, more interviews, reports, more reports, mediations, evaluations, testing, lots of taxpayer dollars, doubts, double talk and finally, in the end …nothing.  A big zero.

The safe parent is told to protect the child by leaving the unsafe home, if that has not already happened.

But the wolf has a pack that protects wolves who prey on children. With sudden ferocity, the pack charges.  It surrounds the child in a cleverly designed and executed move, like a football play.

wolves-in-sheep-clothingThose interviewers, police officers, social workers, evaluators, attorneys, coordinators, mediators, and selected therapists? They evidently belong to the same club.  The public ones close the case saying there is not enough evidence. The private ones charge parents lots and lots and lots of money for their services and reports. And each report casts a bit more doubt.

Then they unite to create a phalanx of adults intent on disbelieving the child.

Coordinated, they convince the easily-convinced judge that the safe parent and or the child is a coached, brainwashed, alienated, embittered, manipulated, crazy, confused little liar.

Suddenly the child is legally jerked away from a newly found safe home, and hurried back to the unsafe home, this time without even the slim comfort of the safe parent.Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.27.14 PM

A small hostage, a slave. Or a prisoner of war, as one child put it.

This is happening across our nation. In the past 20 years it is conservatively estimated that over a million children are living partially or completely with their named, identified physical or sexual abusers.

Now you know. You can’t ignore this situation any more. It is an uncomfortable pressing social justice issue that cannot be buried or overlooked.

Petition for Congressional Oversight Hearings

 Sign the petition for Congressional Oversight Hearings
to expose and halt these grim practices

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