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Rob Richards, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, speaks of his journey to heal

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Growing up, he was always so angry and fearful but never knew why until finally, as an adult, it all came crashing back the day his dad died.

A victim of sexual and physical abuse as a child and a client of Surpassing Our Survival Society, Rob Richards believes he needs to tell his story of recovery as a way of inspiring others.

“I want to give back, to men in particular, by sharing a story that is full of hope and strength,” said Richards, 59. “It takes some courage – you have to reach a place of vulnerability within yourself to recognize not only what happened to you but that you can move on and that’s where some people get stuck and, unfortunately, stay in a victimized place.”

It’s important for a person to come to a place where the shame and that sense of being a victim is replaced with looking ahead, said Richards, who had deeply repressed the memory of the abuse he suffered as a child until about 10 years ago.

“I had no recollection, no visions, no impressions until the day my father died and then it was like some place in my brain that I hadn’t been able to access opened up and all of the evil, all of the sensations, every single image came flooding into my brain,” said Richards.

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