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Painful as it is, Eric Dean lawsuit could help lift secrecy shrouding child abuse

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The most painful thing about the lawsuit filed in the Eric Dean case by Julie Olivier, Eric’s maternal grandmother — aside from the sadness of a 4-year-old boy tortured to death over years by his stepmother, Amanda Peltier — will be reliving the abuse that led to his death when this lawsuit hits the papers.

Grandmother of boy whose death sparked child protection reforms sues county, social workers” (Feb. 17) is an in-your-face reminder of how bad things are for at-risk children, how vulnerable and voiceless they are, and how Eric’s torture was ignored by so many for so long.

Without the persistence and hard work of reporter Brandon Stahl and the Star Tribune, Eric’s death would have remained unnoticed and child protection in Minnesota unchanged. Four Minnesota counties would still be screening out 90 percent of the child abuse calls and social workers would still be forbidden to know about prior histories of abuse in homes when investigating new reports. In short, the system would still be such that 15 reports of face and body bites, a broken arm and intestinal puncture could be ignored.


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