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NEXT! Hollywood’s Looming Child Abuse Scandal

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For a long time, the Catholic Church wore the face of child abuse in America. Now a similar scandal is breaking open in the world of high school and collegiate sports and we see the same pattern of adults ignoring or denying the abuse, protecting the abuser by a mild reprimand or relocation and never alerting the authorities about the abuse. Now Hollywood is bracing for it’s turn in the spotlight as child stars begin to speak up about being sexually abused.   Once again, America will listen and watch with surprise and disgust that this could happen to our children. Why are we surprised, when in reality over a quarter of America’s children suffer from abuse! With that statistic, we should be surprised that abuse isn’t happening in large organizations like church and sports and entertainment .  However, the fact no one wants to admit or talk about is, that MOST CHILD ABUSE HAPPENS RIGHT AT HOME!  No one industry or organization is to blame, we all share that responsibility.   The Stop Abuse Campaign has a plan to stop abuse, all abuse, but it’s going to take all of us working together to make it happen. Join the campaign. Take the pledge and become and AbuseStopper today!  READ MORE ABOUT HOLLYWOOD’S LOOMING SEX SCANDAL BELOW by clicking on the two links below.


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