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Pledge to stop abuse today!

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Who will stop abuse? You can. It all starts by joining thousands of others, and taking the personal pledge to stop abuse. Go now to ourofficial action page on and learn how to get involved and if your an organization, help you fund raise through established programs like the True Love Card. 

The fact is, abuse can stop. Children can grow up without fear. Domestic partners can live in more harmony, the dread of rape will no longer haunt women and our grandparents will no longer feel vulnerable to financial or physical abuse.

All we need do is to make a commitment to our beliefs.
A pledge that declares, that from this day forward, “ Abuse stops with me.”

If you are one of us, with the strong will and intention to stand up to the menace of abuse, take the pledge to stop it. Take it now.

I pledge that “Abuse Stops With Me.”



The Stop Abuse Campaign, working in collaboration with NPEIV(National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence) are developing a national plan to stop abuse in America in 25 years. It’s a bold plan, requiring all of us to work together and do our part. It all starts here at the Stop Abuse Campaign, the only organization in America working on such an audacious plan. But we need help, everyone’s help to make it work.

The Stop Abuse Campaign will always  rely on you, our grassroots community, to fully support our efforts by taking the pledge and becoming members. Because without your support, nothing will change.  The support of individuals and groups who entrust their belief in our purpose and the promise it holds. To these indispensable members of our extended family, we ask that they express that belief in a tangible commitment.  All we ask is $1.00 a month, $12.00 a year to show you believe the first right of every victim of abuse is to not be abused and that by all of us working together we can stop abuse here in America in 25 years. 

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