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Multiplying Mothers

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Send a mother to Washington

By Melissa Barnett and first published on Mothers of Lost Children

Why I march with Mothers of Lost Children,

American-Mother-lost-CustodyWhen I lost custody of my little girl after she told her teacher that her father was hurting her. I was devastated.  I am a kindergarten teacher and have been working to protect children all my life.  No evidence mattered in this family law case only the perverse legal strategies would prevail, violating my civil rights and the right to protect my child.

I too am a mandated reporter, when my daughter reported abuse it was my duty to file a report and my responsibility as a parent to provide safety. The court ignored the evidence of abuse and witness statements giving custody to the identified perpetrator, the school folded under the bullies threats of litigation and I was fired.  I fight now for whistle blower protection and the rights of children in family and dependency court proceedings.

Each year I return to Washington DC with Mothers from across the Nation to demand Justice.  Our courts have violated our rights and its time that we hold a federal oversight hearing on the abuses in family and dependency courts; where evidence is ignored and perpetrators not victims are helped by lawyers and court orders with perverse incentives to leave children in dangerous homes being the new norm.

Mothers of Lost Children have been joined by women from all walks of life; nurses, lawyers, teachers, homemakers, and movie stars.  Nurturing mothers who lost custody to the bully.  Children are losing their mothers because men who don’t want to share custody, pay child support or have abused their children and are being rewarded/protected by a system that disregards the needs of children.  Our tax dollars are funding a governmental agency that is guilty of trafficking victims of abuse.

1471080_253403184825931_801922715_nSadly, our numbers are increasing every year.   It is my dream that together we will bring these children home and prevent this tragedy from continuing.  We are part of a national movement to prevent abuse if you would like to participate there are several small things that you can do to help. Writing letters to your representatives is still a very effective way to send this message.  We are asking the Federal government to hold oversight hearings on the civil and human rights violations of our children.  We want oversight and Financial Audits on the Funds that fuel the war on women and children.  We are asking for the protection of physical, emotional and sexual safety of children being our highest priority in family and dependency courts.

We believe that a safe childhood is endangered and want the Surgeon General to declare the effects of adverse childhood experiences, dangerous to the health and welfare of our citizens and our nation.

To help sponsor a mother or help defray costs of travel etc, you can make a tax deductible donation through Paypal by clicking here

Petition for Congressional Oversight Hearings

Please sign our petition 



Join us in Washington D.C. May 11 ,2014, for  Mother’s Day at the White House.




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