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Melanie Blow Joins Stop Abuse Campaign

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Today we’re really happy to announce that Melanie Blow is joining the Stop Abuse Campaign.

“Melanie will be leading our campaign to pass the Child Victims Act in New York State” said Andrew Willis a founding partner of the campaign. “Melanie is an experienced advocate who shares our belief in working  together to stop abuse.  In 2013 the New York State Senate refused to bring the bill to the floor for a vote despite our having  10,000 signatures on a petition, this year we’ll add a lot more through our public education campaign. ”

Melanie has served on the Board of Directors for Prevent Child Abuse NY for ten years, where she specialized in legislative advocacy. She is a known leader in the movement to eliminate New York’s Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse, and has made many connections and networks throughout the state. She also has years of experience working with the child abuse survivor community of Rochester NY to break the silence, shame and disempowerment that come from abuse.

Melanie commented on her new appointment “I’m looking forward to making connections with other survivors and organizations so we can work together to break the silence around this issue and eliminate New York’s Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse.  Laws that protect sexual predators but not New York’s children.”


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