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Lamb of God?

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Archbishop John Nienstedt has been accused of inappropriately touching a boy, and has removed himself from public ministry while the matter is investigated, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis announced Tuesday.

The Star Tribune adds, “Police say church officials aren’t fully cooperating.”

Peter Isely of  SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) comments:

“The big news today from the Twin Cities, of course, is that Archbishop John Nienstedt has stepped down while an allegation of sexual abuse of a child is being investigated by the St. Paul police. Whatever the outcome of the investigation, Nienstedt archdiocese continues to unravel amidst a continual revelations of confirmed reports of abuse and cover up by Nienstedt and his predecessor, Harry Flynn. The archdiocese, especially under Flynn, was held up as the model of how to properly deal with such cases, Flynn being appointed by his fellow bishops to chair the first national church committee to address the problem. It is no surprise to insiders — as is now being proved — that just the opposite was the case. The surprise, as always, is that it is actually being exposed. Much of that, minus today’s allegation, is thanks to the recent passage by the state of Minnesota of the Child Victims Act.”

The Roman Catholic Church are the significant barrier to the elimination of  the statutes of limitations that protect the rapists of children.  They have invested millions of dollars in lobbying in state capitols.In burying their secrets. Secrets that the Child Victims Act reveals.

Removing statutes of limitations works. Pedophiles and molesters are identified and given the help they need.

Children are protected. Not sacrificed to silence.

Eliminating statutes of limitations through passage of the Child Victims Act is the right thing to do.

Sign our petition to protect children through passing the Child Victims Act in New York State.

Sign our petition to send Pope Francis a clear message, children come first. It is time to stop protecting and recycling pedophile priests.



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