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Keeping children safe for the summer and beyond

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family reunion safety image  (1)When we think of 4th of July safety, we might typically think of making sure our littles are safe from the harm that can come from fireworks, sparklers, or even too much sun. But do we ever stop to consider the risks of family gatherings on this holiday? Do we stop to think that 90% of child sexual abuse victims know and trust their abusers? Do we consider that 68% are abused by a family member? Not everyone is a perpetrator – true fact. Also true is that anyone can be – even in our own families. What can we do to help keep our kids safe this Fourth of July and every day? We can keep these five tips in mind as we celebrate and create lasting, loving positive memories for our little ones!

5 simple tips to help you protect your children this summer and beyond:

*Set boundaries. When a child doesn’t want to be tickled or hugged or otherwise touched, parents need to step in and make sure the boundaries are understood and respected.

*Minimize Opportunity. One on one situations should be avoided.

*Talk openly with your children about appropriate and inappropriate touching.

*Recognize your child’s signs for being in distress or feeling uncomfortable.

*Trust your instincts and teach your children to trust theirs.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Light and love to you all and for all you do to stop abuse, thank you!



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