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I’m The Boss of Me – On Sale Now

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Children's book "I'm The Boss of Me" by Laura Fogarty (aka Ask Lala)


The Stop Abuse Campaign is proud to promote our own Laura Fogarty (aka Ask Lala!) as she is back from a book tour and doing her part to spread awareness and education! Thanks Lala and keep on writing!

A wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book that empowers young readers to be the boss of their bodies and gives adults the dialogue to talk about not only sexual abuse but abuse of all types. Tastefully written and amazingly illustrated, I’m the Boss of Me! is the go to book for this difficult topic.


*“Laura Fogarty’s I’m the Boss of Me is a ‘must read’ for all young children in today’s challenging world. It is a wonderfully empowering book…I highly recommend it to all parents and caregivers!” Roscoe Orman- “Gordon” of Sesame Street Author of Sesame Street Dad



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