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Hollywood’s Dirty Secret: Sex Abuse?

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As more and more child stars speak out about the abuse of children in Hollywood, it becomes all too familiar rather quickly. As usual in these scandals, many will be implicated in covering it up and or witness to it and subsequently passing the buck or simply doing nothing to prevent it. 

Perhaps people feel helpless or unsure of what to do or where to turn or if they should get involved at all.  We can do better. It’s time to raise awareness and get ourselves and others working to stop abuse from happening, so that abusing our children is not the norm but the exception. Unfortunately, right now, less and less of America’s children are living lives free of abuse. The Stop Abuse Campaign and its partner members, are preparing a plan that involves all of us working together to stop abuse. You’re membership is part of our plan. Get involved in the movement. Take the pledge to stop abuse today.                                                                   

Be sure to watch the video below for a great conversation between Dr. Drew, actor, Todd Bridges and Anne Henry, co-founder of on the scandal currently rocking Hollywood.

To read more and  to watch the video visit Dr.DrewBlogCNN

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