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‘For Pete’s Sake’! Go See It!

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Review by Stop Abuse Campaign

For Pete’s Sake is a profoundly truthful one-act that opened at the 4th Street Theatre last night.  The cast of six delivered a raw show broaching the subject of sexual abuse through the power of emotion, empathy, and passion, sprinkled with bits of humor.

The humorous aspects of For Pete’s Sake allowed the audience to relax and enjoy their experience in the theatre.  The raw aspects of the show served to send a blatant yet somewhat esoteric message: abuse needs to stop.  Throughout the show, while many audience members likely felt a chill of discomfort and subconscious self-pleading for the abuse references to cease, abuse victims in the audience were feeling utter understanding.

Joe Capozzi makes his playwrighting-producing debut with a bang.  Not only does his writing exemplify an understanding for the human condition, he is also able to utilize his own acting skills to portray a young Joe, tormented by the good and evil voices within.  Bilgin Turker delivered a memorable performance with her on-point comedic timing.  Jorge Humberto left an unforgettable impression, playing the role of creepy friend/authority figure, so willing to subjugate Joe through coersion, bribes, and “harmless” threats.  The other three cast members, Tom Pilutik, Alfredo Diaz, and David G. Beck, were likewise integral to the show’s success, and each proved their superb acting skills, truly employing their talents to create a profound piece of art.

Abuse is an uncomfortable subject.  We need to change that.  Abuse needs to be acknowledged, discussed, and openly stigmatized.  For Pete’s Sake does just that.  This piece of art should be applauded for openly portraying the injustices of one person’s experience with abuse.  Please take the seventy five minutes to go experience this show.

Did young Joe deserve his plight?  Was this partially his own fault?  Why didn’t he speak up sooner?  Go see for yourself.

For Pete’s Sake:  September 27 – October 14.  4th Street Theatre.  New York, NY.

(Samantha Ray)


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