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GIVE: To Protect Kids from Other Sanduskys

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Today, Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. His story has ended. But for his victims, and the quarter of the children sexually abused in America, their story is just beginning. Victims too receive a life sentence from their abusers and sadly, some will repeat that abuse to others through the ongoing cycle of abuse.

Many who are abused are damaged twice.  Once when they are abused, later as the long-term effects of their abuse turn into various emotional and behavioral disorders.  Ground breaking research is finding significant relationship between abuse, especially in childhood, and some of the worst problems we face as a society.

Half the population are survivors of abuse. Go back and read that again, it bears repeating.  

A snapshot of the alarming prevalence of abuse is shown below.

  • One of six women will be sexually molested during her lifetime.
  • In a classroom of 24 students, eight will be physically or sexually abused before they graduate high school.
  • On a block of 80 homes, 20 women are physically abused on a regular basis.

Abuse will not be vanquished by our outrage or by the sympathy we feel for those who have been its prey. A better strategy is to recognize abuse as a dangerous and deadly healthcare problem.  As such, abuse will respond to the same methodical interventions that have been effective against many of the serious health threats we face.

The Stop Abuse Campaign has joined with, will become the most potent adversary of abuse as well as the most effective advocate for those whose lives it threatens. More on our partners can been seen below.


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