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Five Murdered Children. One Solution. And No One is Talking About It.

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New Yorkers now ask “did you hear about that little kid who got killed after all those calls to ACS?” The response is “which one?”

Zymere Perkins. Jaden Jordan. Sherling Camacho.Michael Guzman. Zamair Coombs. Each of their deaths involved varying degrees of ACS culpability. Each elicited varying amounts of outrage. And in every case we could have prevented their deaths, and the suffering that preceded it.

All states have their own version of ACS/CPS. No state has found a magic bullet. Nationwide, over a hundred children who are known to CPS die from abuse each year (ASSOCIATED PRESS REVIEW), as do hundreds more who are unknown to the system (US Department of Health and Human Services). In fact, more children die directly from child abuse and neglect than from childhood cancer each year (American Cancer Society). Many of those deaths prompt campaigns to “fix” CPS. Yet every year the fatalities continue.

CPS, ACS in New York City, can at best keep abused kids alive, and “alive” is a very low place to set the bar.


We Can Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect. We Must.

One Child Is Too Many

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One Child Is Too Many

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