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Finding Healers

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Finding your Healers

By Jackie McCullough



“The people, the ideas, the resources you need to heal will come. They’ll appear on your path. Sometimes you’ll think it’s almost magical. Sometimes you’ll resist, saying, That can’t be right. It’s too easy. But your healers will come when you need them, when you’re ready.

You can trust the universe to send healers to you, but also trust yourself…Trust yourself to know what’s right. And remember, healers aren’t your source of power; they merely assist you in claiming your power. They come to help, to bring their gifts to you so that you can find yours. Your heart will guide you if you listen.” Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart.

When I met Joe I had been alone 13 years and had not had any love relationships in that time. At first, I was too raw while I was healing from the sexual abuse from my childhood. Then, I was very distrustful of men in general and didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

Joe was different from any man I had been close to in my life. He was gentle, sweet and kind. He never raised his voice the whole time I knew him. In the first few months of our relationship, when I was overwhelmed with feelings from the past and crying, he tried to fix me. He was uncomfortable with my discomfort and tried to counsel me and make me feel better. He was always wanting to help. I told him I had a very good counselor and just wanted him to be loving. He became very patient with my distress. Probably most men would have walked out on me after a few months of that, but this gentle, caring man stayed.

I always felt safe with Joe. That was a major thing for me, because I didn’t feel safe with most people, especially with men. There was never a time I felt unsafe with Joe. So many times I got the distinct feeling that Joe was in fact an angel and I was the only one who saw him. That someday I would mention his name to someone and they would say, “Joe who?’

Joe passed on, but thinking of him today I still have the sweet feeling I had when he was here with me.

Be patient with yourself and others. Watch for your healers; they will come at the right time and the right place.

Jackie M

Jackie McCollough is a LifeOptionsCoach/Counselor/Teacher helps individuals take control of their lives. She is the author of Kathy Said, You’re Not Lost to Me, a self-help book for people struggling with anxiety and depression. With a new powerful approach to our lifelong beliefs, plus a modality called Life Options Dialogues, she helps people uncover the beliefs that are keeping them stuck in unwanted feelings and behaviors, like stress, anxiety,and depression.


Life Options teachings help them learn how to live happy empowered lives, no matter what is going on around them. The end result is becoming present, and non-judgmental, so their lives are easier, happier, and more effective. Jackie studied and was certified at the Option Institute International Learning and Training Center in Sheffield, Mass. She now counsels and teaches self-empowerment to those struggling with unwanted feelings and behaviors. She loves to see people take charge of their lives with her gentle processes, to go from “Survivors” to “thrivers.” She counsels in-person and face-to-face on line.

Jackie lives in the Rochester, NY area, is a member of the American Counseling Association, her local Youth Board, Henrietta Interracial Clergy Council, and Unity Church of Greater Rochester.

[email protected]’reNotLosttoMe

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