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Victory in Marion County


By Claire Lancaster

Florida’s Marion County School Board voted last night to ban corporal punishment and we wanted to thank you for everything you did to make that happen! Thank you to everyone that wrote and called the school board, signed the petitions, shared the cause and showed support!

You did it! Our schools will use more effective methods of discipline. Our children will grow up stronger. Our communities will become less violent.

Let's show our gratitude

Now we’re asking you to do one more thing, thank School Board member Ron Crawford for making the change. Will you post a message or a picture here on our Causes wall to say thank you.

Corporal punishment was added back into the student code of conduct by former School Board Chair and supporter of school paddling, School Board member Ron Crawford who has now requested that the words “corporal punishment” be removed from the student code of conduct. He stated that he had to listen to his constituents. That’s us and we thank him for that.

From the Ocala Star Banner, “I have never seen such a (negative) response in all the years I have been on the board,” said Crawford, adding that everywhere he goes, he hears: “What were you thinking?”

Thanks to everyone that encouraged Ron Crawford to do the right thing, corporal punishment will officially end on June 30th in Marion County’s public schools! Thank you to all of the Marion County School Board members that voted yesterday to ban paddling. Thank you School Board members Ron Crawford, Bobby James, Angie Boynton, and Superintendent George Tomyn for doing what’s best for our children, our schools and our community!

When enough of us work together we can move mountains! Florida counties like Santa Rosa and Marion are listening and banning corporal punishment. County by county, state by state, together we can stop paddling and create safe schools

Your Guide To Corporal Punishment in Florida Public Schools  Full Story on NPR

Claire Lancaster


Claire is an abuse survivor and advocate. She writes for Stop Abuse Campaign and is dedicated to making the future better by using her experience with abuse to help others. As the Team Leader of Stop Abuse Campaign’s Safe Schools her main focus is removing fear, violence, and abuse from schools and inspiring students to create safe schools.

Claire is a freelancer and lives in central Florida where she enjoys art, music, parenting adventures, and exploring the natural wonders of her sunny southern hometown.

“I'm a #Believer because everyone that speaks up deserves to be heard with respect. Listen, believe, #stopabuse.”