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Cruel Power

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There is a cruel power that wants to destroy the United States

By Barry Goldstein

There is a cruel power that wants to destroy the United States.

 They understand the best way to ruin our country is to hurt their children.  They pay an evil psychiatrist to invent a theory to make sure society cannot prevent children from being abused.  He concocts a theory that if a mother ever complains about the father abusing a child, her complaint is to be understood as meaning the mother is alienating the child and the remedy is to separate the child from the mother and force the child to live with the alleged abuser.

The more evidence of abuse the more certain the theory is that the mother is alienating the child.

The theory is not based on any research but only the beliefs and biases of the mad psychiatrist.  To make sure no one could mistake him to be rational, he makes numerous public statements to the effect that sex between adults and children can be acceptable.  He later commits a gruesome suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly.

The theory is rejected by every legitimate professional organization.  The leading psychiatric association rejects the use of his theory in the compendium of all valid mental health conditions because there is no scientific basis to support it.

Despite the obvious deficiencies, the custody courts and only the custody courts embrace the mad psychiatrist’s theory and repeatedly use it to separate children from safe, protective mothers and force them to live with hideous abusers.

Horror movie or reality?

This is precisely what happened in the United States and many other countries even though the plot reads like a 1960’s horror movie.

The mad psychiatrist was Richard Gardner and all these unbelievable events actually occurred.

Abusive fathers paid Gardner a fortune to promote Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) to the courts in their cases.  This is how the cottage industry of lawyers and evaluators who make a fortune by helping abusive fathers was created.  Psychiatrists and psychologists needed a defense for abusers who had hurt their children.

Richard Ducote accurately referred to Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) as a defense lawyer’s dream theory.  The more evidence of the defendant’s guilt, the more the theory said it proved his innocence.  It gave unscrupulous mental health professionals a way to help abusers and make large incomes off of the misery of children.  Their professional assistance was needed to diagnose PAS (diagnose something that does not appear in the DSM compendium of valid conditions), recommend the “remedies”, supervise “therapeutic” visitation for the safe mother and engage in threat “therapy” to force the children to stop complaining about their father’s abuse.

The use of PAS, now often using other names like alienation or parental alienation because of its increasing notoriety is the largest cause of what the Saunders’ study submitted to the Department of Justice found to be “harmful outcome” cases.  These are extreme decisions in which a safe, protective mother who has provided most of the child care is limited to supervised visitation and the alleged abuser is given custody.  Dr. Saunders found this outcome is always harmful to children.  PAS is based on Gardner’s belief that virtually all abuse allegations by mothers are false.  The Saunders’ study found that this was a myth believed by unqualified professionals.

We need Congressional Oversight Hearings to investigate the fraud and corruption that has led to the waste of substantial federal funds diverted to helping abusers.

We need to learn why protecting children is not the first priority.

Most of all we need to know how this mad psychiatrist could be allowed to continue to hurt our children even from the grave.

Please sign the petition to ask for Congressional Oversight Hearings and support our campaign for the hearings.

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