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CPS Overworked? Revolving Door of Employment Puts Organization in Stressful Spot

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In part three of our five part series, we get a rare look inside CPS, talk to caseworkers currently on the job and hear directly from them what they think needs to be done to help them help children.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — After his granddaughter died, allegedly at the hands of her father’s girlfriend, John Geer publicly criticized Monroe County Child Protective Services for not doing enough.

After medical examiners determined the death of 3-year-old Brook Stagles was a homicide, her father, Michael Stagles, and his girlfriend, Erica Bell, were each charged. This tragedy occurred during what was an active CPS case, which begs the question, are Monroe County CPS caseworkers overworked?

In part two of the series, it was learned that caseworkers are recommended to take on 15 cases at a time, but experts say CPS employees often take on double that amount.

“You can only prioritize so many things in a day,” Monroe County CPS supervisor Julie Nichols said. “We are prioritizing the cases where children are vulnerable based on age, based on number of concerns in that household, based on the new reports coming in, we’re prioritizing to the best of our abilities. There are absolutely things that get put on the back burner.”


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