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Kids futures?

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“We’ve got to do a better job for our kids”

Esta Soler, an international expert on violence against women, has been highly successful in helping adult women escape unsafe homes.

Thirty years ago she founded Futures Without Violence, one of the driving forces behind the Violence Against Women Act of 1994.  This Act gave women an escape route from unsafe homes to shelters where they could rebuild their lives in safety.

But Esta noticed a problem.

Children usually cannot escape their unsafe homes. They have to sit by and watch. In fact, the most vulnerable person in the family may be ordered to live with the batterer by a dysfunctional court system.

Esta wants to solve the problem of children living in unsafe homes.  She is on the advisory board of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and recently spoke on a TED Talk about domestic violence and healing kids who are hurt.

Her mission is simple. “We’ve done a lot for adult women. We’ve got to do a better job for our kids. We just do.”

You can help Esta Soler by signing the petition requesting Congressional Oversight Hearings.



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