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Case Study in Tragedy

The Boston Globe recently published a case-study of one little girl’s sexual abuse, sanctioned by the courts for five years. Analyzing this story shows what is wrong with our family courts, CPS, and how we can fix them

Case Study in Tragedy
posted on: Jan 31, 2016 | author: Melanie Blow

Scarsdale Homicide Follows Familiar P...

The murder of Robin Goldman in Scarsdale NY sheds some light on a common misconception- that domestic violence doesn’t happen in wealthy neighborhoods. Barry Goldstein, from Stop Abuse Campaign, sheds some light on the issue.

Scarsdale Homicide Follows Familiar Pattern
posted on: Jan 28, 2016 | author: Melanie Blow

How Many More?

Vernay-lah Laventure is the eleventh abused child to die in Erie County in the last four years. Most child abuse is both predictable and preventable. Erie County has a choice to make some real changes, or to maintain the status quo and ensure more abused and murdered children.

How Many More?
posted on: Oct 5, 2015 | author: Melanie Blow

Sen. Kennedy Calls For NYS To Fund Ch...

Senator Kennedy will join members of Eain’s family, local leaders and service providers in calling on New York State Governor Cuomo to fund programs that prevent child abuse in Erie County before it happens, rather than focusing only on a CPS response.

Sen. Kennedy Calls For NYS To Fund Child Abuse Prevention Programs
posted on: Sep 15, 2015 | author: Andrew Willis

President Obama needs a refresher on ...

It’s hard to feel sympathy for the plight of persecuted black men with Cosby constantly in the news — facing not a single criminal charge. There’s little chance people will ever care about the very real problem of injustices perpetrated against black men so long as Bill Cosby evades justice with the President’s tacit approval.

President Obama needs a refresher on rape law
posted on: Jul 16, 2015 | author: Melanie Blow

Keeping “An Open Secret” ...

There is a national trend to “protect” kids from learning about child sexual abuse. The Amy Berg documentary “An Open Secret”, which focuses on sexual abuse of child actors in Hollywood, is the latest victim of this over-zealous, faux “protection” craze. The movie has been slapped with an “R” rating, limiting the number of theaters that will show it and making it all but impossible for teens and pre-teens to see it. Children don’t need protection from a film discussing what they need protection from.

Keeping “An Open Secret” open to the public
posted on: Jul 16, 2015 | author: Melanie Blow

RIP Jermyle Campbell

The police and the Department of Children’s Services had a long history with the family of Jermyle Campbell. These same systemic breakdowns sentence five children every day to a preventable death. As ugly as these mistakes are, we need to look at them, and learn from them, so we can keep kids from dying.

RIP Jermyle Campbell
posted on: Jul 1, 2015 | author: ajswillis1

Another Day. Another Shooting.

Another day, another shooting. Only this time, it is my town. Yesterday it was someone else’s home, but today, it is mine. Lives lost. Hearts broken. Peace shattered. It happened elsewhere yesterday, but today, it happened here. How do we stop it?

Another Day. Another Shooting.
posted on: Jun 18, 2015 | author: Andrew Willis

Why You Should See the Movie Hollywoo...

“An Open Secret” does a fantastic job at pulling the universal elements of child sexual abuse out of an obscure sub-set of cases. And as such, it is both bone-chilling and enlightening. A parent, or anyone with an interest in the subject, stands to learn a lot from it.

Why You Should See the Movie Hollywood Doesn’t Want You to See.
posted on: Jun 6, 2015 | author: Andrew Willis

R.I.P. Joseph “Beau” Biden

Children’s advocates from across the nation are mourning the death of Joseph “Beau” Biden, who used his short political career to establish some of the most complete child protection laws in the nation in his home state of Delaware.

R.I.P.  Joseph “Beau” Biden
posted on: May 31, 2015 | author: Andrew Willis

Domestic Violence Safety Planning

Based on the Safety Strategies booklet, we offer the following safety planning suggestions to help people who are currently facing safety risks due to a current or former abusive relationship

Domestic Violence Safety Planning
posted on: May 26, 2015 | author: admin

Stop Abuse Campaign Appoints Domestic...

The Stop Abuse Campaign announced today that Barry Goldstein, JD, has been named Director of Research to support their mission to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Stop Abuse Campaign Appoints Domestic Violence Expert
posted on: May 19, 2015 | author: Andrew Willis

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