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Phone Confession

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Brave Teacher obtains phone confession from her abuser

Last year Governor Jerry Brown of California confused church and state when he bowed to pressure to veto the Child Victims Act. An act that allows adult victims of childhood sexual abuse through the courthouse door to convict their rapists.   On Friday a brave Californian survivor of childhood sexual abuse called her abuser and obtained a confession which she published to YouTube. Neatly circumventing statutes of limitations.  You can read more of Jamie’s story on YouTube, follow the link above to leave her a message of support and get her to one million views.

Why do New York’s  and most other state laws still protect rapists?

Most survivors remain silenced by statutes of limitations. Consequently most sex offenders are not on sex offender register. They are threatening our children.

It’s too easy to say it won’t happen to us but with almost a quarter of America’s children being sexually abused before their 18th birthday, what if it does?

Get involved in our campaign to eliminate statutes of limitations in New York State and beyond.

Click this link to sign our petition.


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