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Beating Black Kids

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Beating Black Kids

Asadah Kirkland was going to be incapacitated in hospital. She needed help taking care of her daughter, Patience. And that led to conversations with friends about discipline and what that means.

She found that even some of her more progressive friends believed that to spare the rod was to spoil the child. Well, so do some of mine and there is nothing more likely to ignite a conversation than one of our posts, like this one, on spanking.

Asadah wrote a book, started public speaking, and practicing her intervention skills as she met parents out and about in New York.

Some parents I run into on these NYC streets use verbal and physical punishment to “discipline” their children. It takes a combination of love and courage to stop them. “Well what should I do instead,” they ask?

The book “Beating Black Kids” will lend the solutions!

It takes a special sort of courage to walk up to perfect strangers dealing with an already hysterical child on the New York subway and suggest there is a better way.

Asadah has that combination of love and courage. She backs it up with simple, logical, explanations of practical steps parents can take.

However, Asadah needs to sell some of the shirts below to fund her work. The money is going to print books to support her missionary work for peace at home. Asadah believes in treating children like people. People who deserve the right to a safe home without violence. Watch the short video and she will explain for herself.


Asadah’s book is a reference book for me. She spells out a better way of partnering with children for success rather than beating children into submission.

Meet Asadah in the video below. Buy the book. Let Asadah open your eyes.

But first buy a shirt so she can continue to help New York’s parents find the better way!


Click here to buy the book and join the movement to raise your skills not your hands


 Click here to support Asadah’s 1,000 T-shirt Booster


By Andrew Willis, one of the Founding Partners of the Stop Abuse Campaign.


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