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Ajo toddler lives, dies, in squalor

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Ajo toddler VictoriaLynn Heredia-Manuel died as she’d been left to live — in squalor and without love.

The 17-month-old girl spent her final weeks in a trailer filled with rotting garbage and drug paraphernalia, newly released documents show.

She ate half of a marijuana joint and tried to swallow the foil her mother’s boyfriend — who was her unofficial caregiver between the mother’s arrest in April and VictoriaLynn’s death in June — used to cook heroin. Neighbors later reported pulling garbage from her small hands and broken glass from her mouth. They noticed the girl’s horrible diaper rashes and knew she was not being fed regularly.

They heard her screaming, and some stopped by to check on her. One visitor was her aunt, who later told authorities she was turned away and told she could see VictoriaLynn only if she returned with heroin.


Tell Our Leaders to Prevent Child Abuse and Murder

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