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Family Reunion

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Utah County family hopes to adopt 8 child abuse victims

KSL Utah reports that a family of nine will hopefully become a family of 17, and a horrific story of child abuse will soon have a happy ending.

Last week in Tampa, Florida, Jamie Hicks was arrested on charges of abusing her eight children.

“All of the children in separate interviews gave consistent accounts that they had been slapped, they had been choked to the point where they couldn’t breathe. They had been kicked, punched in the stomach. Their head had been held under water,” Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy told WFLA. “They were forced to eat old and moldy food. When they would throw it up, the mother would then make them eat their vomit.”

The story hit extremely close to home for Jennifer Gossard and her family. Jamie Hicks used to live in Utah and was charged with neglecting three of her other children 18 years ago, and Gossard adopted all of them.
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