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The more help we get the more kids we can protect

We’re a small volunteer team at the Stop Abuse Campaign and we need all the help we can get. We’re all survivors, or supporters, working to protect children from the trauma that many of us have suffered ourselves. Many of us find our work protecting children therapeutic.

We have roles for everyone, from leading one of our state chapters to posting comments on news stories. If you’d like to get involved send an email to [email protected]

Please chip in $10 now

Social Media Manager

Like reading our blogs? Why not help others find them too?

How about taking responsibility for one of our social media channels? In this role you’ll be responsible for building a social media channel.  You’ll find us Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in. We’re looking for volunteers who can increase our following, engagement, and promote our blog posts.

Experience with hootsuite is helpful, but not essential. Training can be provided.

External Media Promotion Manager

People comment on articles that are meaningful to them, and abuse issues are meaningful to many of us. Sharing our point of view on articles, and linking people to our website or our petitions, is a fantastic way of growing our influence. We will provide you with a basic comment template. You need to customize them, use them, and give us some feedback on people’s response to them. What’s important is that you can understand our point of view and can apply it to most relevant news stories.

Donate Now.

Donating now protects children by preventing deadly trauma.

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Protect Children. Protect Children From ACEs

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