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Our mission is to stop abuse and alleviate the suffering of those involved. We aim to stop abuse before it starts by breaking the cycle of abuse.

Stop Abuse Campaign is dedicated to the prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences through public education and public policy. We support evidence based practices that accomplish this, and thereby spare the next generation from needless suffering.

Our first priority will always be primary prevention- preventing abuse from starting. The Adverse Childhood Experience study proves that all child abuse and maltreatment is a matter of life and death. In the absence of primary prevention, we support early intervention policies, with an emphasis on ensuring safety, healing and stability for victims.

We support The Quincy Solution, a series of proven best practices that slash rates of domestic violence crime and the child abuse that happens in this context. We are working with the federal government to provide funding for communities interested in implementing it, we are working with states to pass the family court reform pieces that are essential in making it work, and we are working with officials in Erie County NY to implement it as part of their solution to child murder, abuse and burgeoning CPS case loads.

We support evidence-based home visitation programs being available to every high-risk parent who wants them, and we are working towards this with federal, state and county and city governments.

We support making the laws against child sexual abuse enforceable by removing the Statute of Limitations on them, that keeps most victims out of court and most offenders on the street.

We support closing loop-holes in the laws that allow those who pay money to rape a child to escape serious consequences, thereby feeding the demand for child sex trafficking. And we support laws making it easier for trafficked minors to access therapeutic services and re-enter society without criminal records.

We support making high-quality educational materials and programs available to all parents, so they can raise their children without violence and know how to protect them from sexual abuse. We support educating everyone working with children about the implementation of policies that minimize the chances of child sexual abuse.

Do you want to help stop abuse? Join our mailing list and working together we can ensure every child has a safe home to grow up in!

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