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One child is too many

The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents Adverse Childhood Experiences through public policy and public education. The US chooses to spend huge sums of money dealing with the consequences of abuse, but the ACE research proves that abuse cannot be undone. Fortunately, a lot is known about preventing abuse. And preventing abuse is what we do at the Stop Abuse Campaign. Support our work. Click the button below.

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We support

Universal access to Maternal Home Visiting for all willing, eligible new families


Implementation of best practices that have been shown to decrease rates of domestic violence crime

Elimination of the Statutes of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse that keep children’s rapists on the streets and their victims from justice

The Safe Child Act, that will make family court safe for kids and keep custody courts from giving custody of children to abusers

Educating adults about parenting, child sexual abuse and its prevention, through access to evidence-based programs and growing awareness of their importance

Discussion of child maltreatment and domestic violence, destigmatizing the issues, and giving survivors other tools needed to heal

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Donating now protects children by preventing deadly trauma.

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