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A National Plan to Stop Abuse in 25 years

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Abuse can be stopped in this country and the Stop Abuse Campaign, along with it’s partners at NPEIV, are calling on and working toward developing a national plan to stop abuse in 25 years. Given the plan and the opportunity to make a difference, we believe Americans, as they always have, will rise to the task and do the right thing. And the right thing here is to do whatever is necessary to save the next generation from the costly and damning repercussions of abuse. Nationally we must establish an open, honest and often uncomfortable dialogue about abuse, so that we begin to lift all victims out of darkness by removing all stigmas of shame, guilt and embarrassment. Abuse is not a four letter word. Silence and shame are what abusers count on and what allows them safe havens to continue to abuse.
As a matter of national interest, we must firmly establish and avow that the first right of every victim is to NOT be abused in the first place and the second right is to not be re-victimized by the very system that should be there to help them.
Today that system is broken and dysfunctional and underfunded. We must demand better of ourselves and construct a support system that is more aware and better educated and equipped to understand the needs of someone recovering from abuse. Currently, in all too many cases, victims find themselves re-victimized by a system so out of step that many are kept from coming forward and seeking help.
The Stop Abuse Campaign relies on you, our grassroots community, to fully support our efforts by taking the pledge and becoming members. Because without your support, nothing will change. The support of individuals and groups who entrust their belief in our purpose and the promise it holds. To these indispensable members of our extended family, we ask that they express that belief in a tangible commitment. All we ask is $1.00 a month, $12.00 a year to show you believe the first right of every victim of abuse is to not be abused and that by all of us working together we can stop abuse here in America in 25 years.

Click on the hand to take the pledge to stop abuse.

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