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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect social and mental health, linking them to poverty, sexual victimization, committing or experiencing violent crime, and mental illness.

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How Much Was I Worth?

The line between commercial and non-commercial child sexual abuse is very thin and fine. But society sees the crimes very differently. Society tends to ignore the fact that child sexual trafficking happens after abuse, and when we ignore that, we sentence more kids to both.

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What To Be “Aware” Of For Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In the supposed interest of helping rape victims, some advocacy groups are advocating for strange laws that will actually accomplish the opposite.

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Political Correctness is Really Moral Correctness

We use the term “political correctness” derisively, to mean “minimization of unearned privilege”. The way we talk about oppression is very important to our understanding of it, and to its continuation or elimination.

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I want a divorce

I thought divorcing an abusive husband would be the hardest thing I ever did. Then I started therapy- that seemed harder. But all those hard things worked truly were for the best, and truly did work out in the end.

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April 30th No Spank Day

Spanking changes kids’ brains. And it does so in different, bad ways. It doesn’t work. So why not give it up?

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Andrew Willis Stop Abuse Campaign

The Story of Surviving Myself

I had it all until my childhood caught up with me. I had a high ACE score, and despite my success at other things in life, it was predictable that with a score like mine I would struggle with addiction and suicide

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The Baby, the Bathwater and the Bad Mother

There is a renewed interest in legislation seeking to remove newborns testing positive for drugs from their mothers. These bills may be satisfying, but history has shown they don’t work. Things that do work, such as maternal home visitation programs, are only available to a fraction of the people who need them.

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Top Ten Things You Learn by Listening to Survivors

There are so many misconceptions about child sexual abuse, and survivors seldom speak about their experiences. But when they do, and when people listen to them, they can learn a lot about the crime that they won’t learn elsewhere.

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Monday Morning…

Monday morning. As a mother gets her son ready for school, she sees the bruises his father gave him. She sees the shame and fear in her sons eyes. And she’s reminded of the broken systems that let this continue.

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Another New York Cover-Up

A survivor of child sexual abuse at a NY Jesuit school has recently come forward. The Catholic Diocese, lead by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, is not doing anything to assess the scope of the problem, help victims or prevent the named abuser from doing any more harm.

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Happy Earth Day

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to let children experience the earth? Children who spend time outside, playing, are happier, healthier, and have a better appreciation of the earth we all need to share.

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That Awkward Moment When

Telling a friend “I think your son is in danger of being sexually abused” is one of the most awkward conversations possible. It contains elements of “I know more about something than you do” and “you’re making a mistake as a parent”, and can easily be rebuked with “you’re just a dark, twisted, miserable person”. But when a child’s life is in danger, you do what you have to do.

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The Facts Behind the Panic

Missing child reports make the blood of every parent run cold. The statistics about how many children go missing are confounding and complex. As scary as they are, kidnapping by strangers is very, very rare. But the number of children who are kidnapped by a parent, who run away, and who just become “misplaced” all shed some light on the whole issue.

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