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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect social and mental health, linking them to poverty, sexual victimization, committing or experiencing violent crime, and mental illness.

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Protect children. Prevent trauma. Reduce taxpayer burdens.

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Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead

The Bishop Eddie Long is dead, and already people are trying to expunge the allegations that he sexually abused the children. Which is usually the way. read more

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Raising awareness to end human trafficking

Human trafficking exists everywhere, it involves exploiting someone's vulnerability for money, and it is strongly linked to child abuse read more

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Dear doctor: A letter from a survivor of sexual trauma to all medical professionals

Dear Doctor, What seems to you as a simple exam may cause injury to those who have been victimized by someone’s touch. We, as your patients, entrust in you the most intimate parts of our bodies and our lives. But this trust has to be earned, and it is much harder for us patients who have been so severely violated. read more

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