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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect social and mental health, linking them to poverty, sexual victimization, committing or experiencing violent crime, and mental illness.

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Denial, More Than Anything, Is Hindering Progress For Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse

Money and power have colluded in the worst powerful way to kill the Child Victims Act in New York. This ensures that more children will be sexually abused and most bad guys will remain above the law. read more

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9 years and counting

I was a teenager when I feel for his charm. He talked me out of a lot of opportunities. He didn't hit me until I was seven months pregnant. He kept hitting me, but the first time he hit my kids I left. I wanted my kids to grow up with a father in their lives. But I had no idea that my ex would spend nine years ensuring they didn't have a mother in their lives. read more

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Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings

The Orlando shooting- the largest mass shooting in America's history- is shedding light on the fact that domestic violence and mass shootings are closely related. Using that knowledge, we can do things to keep perpetrators of domestic violence from obtaining or keeping firearms. The Domestic Violence Firearm Surrender Act will do just that if passed in the next legislative session. read more

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Sexual abuse. Will your child be next?

Five men and one woman have stepped forward claiming they were sexually abused as kids by Father Michael "Mitch" Walters at churches in Upper Montclair and Guttenburg – where he was a priest in the 80s and 90s. How do you ensure your child isn't next. read more

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Peace By Lala Fogarty     Are your littles asking questions about all of the recent violence in our country and our world? My guess – probably not. Are you asking questions about all of the recent violence in our country and our world? Are you talking about it read more

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Spotlight 2.0: Child Sexual Abuse and The New York Times

As media coverage of New York's push to end the Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse reached a fever pitch, the New York Times was surprisingly quiet on the issue. They were more silent on an apparent conflict-of-interest involving a stockholder and the sexual assault of a minor, who will be unable to seek justice as long as the state's Statute of Limitations remains in effect. read more

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