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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect social and mental health, linking them to poverty, sexual victimization, committing or experiencing violent crime, and mental illness.

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Protect children. Prevent trauma. Reduce taxpayer burdens.

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The Painful Cost of Disbelieving Women Part 2

Our culture's belief that women frequently fabricate stories about rape spills over into family court. This results in judges dismissing true allegations of child sexual abuse and punishing women for making them. This hurts children, and that harms all of us. read more

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head in sand


Shame based punishments seem to be growing in popularity these days, especially as social media allows parents to share their stories of them far and wide. Shaming children doesn't teach them how to be good people. read more

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The Stop Abuse Campaign, Advocates urge Governor to Protect Kids

The Stop Abuse Campaign and the founder of Fight for Kids presented Governor Cuomo a petition with over 27600 signatures in support of reforming New York's Statute of Limitations on child sexual abuse. While New York's politicians are find this distasteful , it is the most significant legislation to protect children from sexual abuse. read more

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Catholic League Shows Contempt for Real Rape Victims

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue releases a toxic declaration of "victory" over Statute of Limitations reform in New York. The report is full of untruths and mis-characterizations, and the momentum surrounding SOL reform in NY is growing, not shrinking. read more

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donohue sad


Unprecedented media attention, advocate engagement and lobbying didn't persuade the New York legislature to pass comprehensive Statute of Limitations reform for child sexual abuse this year. And the question we need to ask of our elected officials is Why? read more

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Keeping Sex Offenders On The Streets By All Means Necessary

The Roman Catholic Church famously opposes reforming the Statute of Limitations on child sexual abuse that would make existing laws against the crime much more enforceable. In Pennsylvania, legislators are coming forward with details of threats and public shaming that seem very un-Christian. read more

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